JACK, A Moral Musical Tale

Jack is one of many stories there in my head that come out when necessary.” – Linda Weise Creator of JACK, A Moral Musical Tale

We have learned from history that between 11 to 13 is when we start to lose them relative to suicide. As we’ve all come to learn, bullying plays a significant role in this.

“Once I found out that the state of Colorado was the one with the highest suicide rate, it broke my heart, and I wanted to change that,” said Linda.

So we put JACK, A Moral Musical Tale, in motion.

Bullies Aren’t Just Mean Because They’re Born That Way

jack bullying

My job was to take the story and make these characters real, starting with Jack, our bully,” said Director Josh Franklin.

jack josh fanklin

So, then, I looked at Jack’s family and decided that maybe his parents aren’t doing so well. He’s sort of regurgitating some of his father’s attitude on these kids because he feels his family’s falling apart.

The Goal of JACK, A Moral Musical Tale

jack entertainment

Our goal was to have a creative way to talk about bullying, depression, the social factors that affect kids today.

jack depression

We have learned that peer-to-peer is a great way for kids to have that conversation and when they’re inspired creatively, they feel way more comfortable to have that conversation and they can play that part in a way that is non-threatening to them.

A More Impactful Way To Address These Important Issues

jack anti bullying

We should be trying every way of communicating with these kids as possible.

Doing it through a show like this, you get two hours of entertainment, but then, at the same time, they’ll also get to tackle these massive issues and not have someone coming up there and speaking at you.

jack entertainment 2

This kind of opens up the world so that they can also relate to it at certain times, be like, “Oh, that’s me right there.“, or, “Oh, that speaks to me.

The beautiful music that they’ve composed allows it to be a little bit easier on the ears for the kids to kind of tap into something that they’re not going just sit and listen to a lecture. – Broadway Guest Artist Brian Sears.

jack brian sears

Helping Parents

jack parents

Additionally, JACK doesn’t just examine the victim. The story also examines the bully, the bully’s mother, and that family dynamic.

It’s a very important show to see, not just for kids, but for parents, as well, because some of them don’t know really how to handle their kids if they’re being bullied.

JACK Reaches 10,000 Students In Colorado

jack colorado outreach

As part of our outreach strategy, Josh Franklin put together a 20-minute version of JACK, A Moral Musical Tale.

We trained the kids, not only in delivering the abridged performance but more importantly, how to have a conversation with their peers.

We delivered the shortened performance at 17 different schools as well as several library branches in Colorado, and was able to reach 10,000 students.

In the end, we had an interactive session, asking them what they would do if they were being bullied if they saw bullying on their playground.

jack colorado outreach 2

Each of the students had a different response. Some of them would even come up to us afterward and ask personal questions like, “What happens if this is happening at home?”

So we’ve seen first hand how JACK facilitates these conversations and creates opportunities for positive changes in people’s lives.

The Future of JACK, A Moral Musical Tale

jack curriculum

What we would like to see is that outreach component and that curriculum that goes along with it, to be accessible to everyone in the state.

It’s a message right now that’s so critical in our society.

Adults will enjoy this production, but there’s nothing more endearing than hearing these kids walk out with lessons.

JACK, A Moral Musical Tale is art designed to saves lives.

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JACK, Digital Press Kit

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“I enjoyed Jack, and its poignant reminder that every one of us has a unique story hidden deep inside.” – Dirk Draper, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Colorado Springs

Young people have it so much harder today growing up. They have to contend with pressures of bullying that attack the very core of who they are as individuals, their families, their friends, and in their minds their futures.  Suicide is rampant as a result of young people feeling there is no way out and that they are doomed to a future of being ostracized. The media and especially social media have done no favor to our youth.  Thank you Colorado  Springs Conservatory for shedding light on this very destructive social issue we are facing.  It is every adult’s responsibility to not only be aware of this very destructive social problem, but to be proactive in doing something to prevent it.  Linda Weise, the Conservatory, your students and parents have stepped up with the production of “Jack.”  But make no mistake, “Jack” is not just a musical with a moral, it’s one of the most upbeat, lively, compelling musicals I have seen in years.  My toes were tapping, I was singing along and wanted to jump out of my seat and dance with these young amazing performers who gave their hearts and souls to the performance.  “Jack” is an incredible show with a poignant message. Please see “Jack” for an entertaining event and to better understand the importance of the message.” – Lisa M. Bachman, President of Bachman Public Relations

Jack was Amazing! I felt like I was watching a Broadway show , but in Colorado Springs! Your storyline was on point considering what is happening in our  society today. Incredible job Linda! – Kathy Guadagnoli, Business Woman, Developer, Philanthropist